E.Z. Riders was born as a Power Trio firmly rooted in blues and well-fed by the great history of American and English rock. And from blues-rock the music of E.Z.RIDERS expands exploring the "southern harmonies", the "worship" of the jam, and lots of different influences. An absolutely original ensemble, carrying on the legacy of the golden age of rock and blues jam bands of the seventies to deliver a strong, free and totally new musical language .

Alessandro Alessandrini started writing music and playing in the clubs at the beginning of the nineties with a trio called “POISON WHISKEY". In 1998 he joins “OLD TENNIS SHOES”, a well known local band, proposing a powerful british blues- rock repertoire. After six years with “OLD TENNIS SHOES” - during which the band shared the stage with important artists of the blues-rock scene such as NINE BELOW ZERO and TOLO MARTON and recorded a CD of original songs - in 2003 Alessandro Alessandrini forms "TONY & THE SOUTHERN ROCKERS, a southern rock band appreciated at regional and national level. In 2005 he joins the “BLUES DOGS”, the italian ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Tribute Band. In 2007 BLUES DOGS plays at the 2007 edition of the “AMENO BLUES FESTIVAL”.The band meets a great success and this participation is reviewed on “Buscadero”, an important Italian music magazine.Luigi Ridolfi is a great blues-rock musician. Since the late seventies / early eighties his style as a bass player and background vocalist has grown as absolutely unique and unmistakable. In the eighties, he's already well known with the “ROCK MAGAZINE BAND”, along with his brother Rodolfo Ridolfi on drums. In the second half of the eighties he joins the OLD TENNIS SHOES and contributes significantly to the success of the band.

In 1999 Luigi Ridolfi meets Alessandro Alessandrini in the OLD TENNIS SHOES. A deep friendship and an important artistic partnership was born between the two of them and in 2007, they form the “E.Z. RIDERS” with Rodolfo Ridolfi behind the drumset once again with his brother nearly 20 years after “ROCK MAGAZINE BAND”.

1. Experienced Zydeco Ryders
They write an Album with 12 original songs: “Experienced Zydeco Riders” The band immediately arouse interest for the originality of their music and their first album gains positive reviews and feedbacks from many European and US magazines and radio stations all over the world. “Radio Indy.com site” also awarded E.Z. Riders’ debut album with a GrIndy Award: a price for one of the best independent release of 2009.

2. Long way from Home and touring abroad
E.Z. Riders' second album comes out in 2010 with nine new songs that testify the band's growth in terms of musicianship and song writing. Still Cultivating a wide range of different influences, "Long Way From Home" is a more intense and stronger chapter in E.Z. Riders' musical story. With an increasingly large fan base, E.Z. Riders are now ready to reach a new level of popularity and deserved consideration all over the world. Very much appreciated both by press and fans, "Long Way From Home" is featured in the Playlists of many important commercial & college radio stations across Europe and the US.With such positive feedback in only two months since the release date, E.Z. Riders presented their new work performing live in New York City (NY) at “Arlene’s Grocery” on November 27th 2010. In July 2011 E.Z. Riders' music reaches the UK audiences. The band starts a mini tour in London where they play 3 shows at “Nambucca's”, at the “New Cross Inn” and at the “Zenith”.

3. Try Hard or Die Hard
Following this tour, in 2013 E.Z.R. release their third studio album entitled “Try Hard Or Die Hard”, a perfect mixture of classic and modern rock.The well known UK magazine “Fireworks”, publishes an interview with Alessandro Alessandrini talking about the new studio work. LINEUP CHANGES AND NEW SONGSWhile E.Z.Riders' fan base keeps on growing, the band adds a new important member.Ivano Andreozzi joins E.Z.R. as the new lead singer; his rough and powerful voice and his personal style and harmonica playing skills definitely improve the sound of the band. With the new band lineup they hit the road again and present ten brand new songs that sound impressive since the very first listening. Now E.Z.Riders have just released their fourth studio album that is expected to be the best of their career and they're strongly determined to go back touring in the U.S.